Transformational Change Programmes

Today, a company does not often have the luxury of considering ‘whether to change’. External circumstances in the form of statutory regulations, market conditions or changes in client demand, makes it a fait-accompli that organisational change is required. A need to decrease financial costs and staff rationalisation are also a major driver for change. When […]

The Spirit of Business

  Engaging the purpose and creativity of your people The spirit of a business is created by the people who lead it and the people who believe in it and work for it. It is created by the purpose and vision they have for its future and the ways they apply themselves to its growth […]

The Simplest Strategy Plan Ever

  Getting in a taxi and asking the driver to take you somewhere (anywhere) is like being in your business every day and not having a plan. It will be expensive, time consuming and you may not like where you end up. Having a plan allows you to set a map, with directions, that arms […]

The Value of Authenticity

  There is tremendous value in being your authentic self. This is an important message that needs to be re-iterated to every person, every day. Or so it seems to me as I work with people in the intimate context of a coaching relationship. I am astonished often by even the most confident and successful […]

What Does Success Mean To You?

If you have been successful in your career to any degree, you will have come across the question – ‘what does success actually mean – for me’? Because, the traditional measures of success – the salary, the position, the money and benefits, the car – do pall after a time, and for some, it is […]

Demonstrating the Value of Coaching

Coaching, in its many forms, is a commonly used intervention in staff and leadership development with many choices of practitioners and specialities within the field. The ILM recently published a white paper on Coaching, ‘Successful Coaching – Demonstrating its value’. They summarised some of the researches that had been conducted, as well as seeking the […]

Principled Leaders

  There are many ways in which leaders get recognised for their leadership – and depending on who is doing the recognising, those ways are what best serves those doing the looking. However, to determine what makes for good leadership by looking at external factors or other people is to lose sight of why we […]

Things That Matter

  Continuous learning If you’re like me, September feels like the start of a new year. It’s the emotional print from my school days and as I contemplated going back to work after my holiday, it recalled the importance of new learning. As our world moves forward with new technologies, new products and services, the […]

Examining Motivation – The Basics

  It is no secret that successful managers, are effective motivators of the people with whom they work. Managers are mostly judged by their results, and to a major degree their results are achieved through people. Motivated people achieve better quantitative and quality results quicker. Can the secrets of motivational skills and capabilities be learned […]

Why We Should Look For Truth

  Where can we look for truth and why should we? – What place does truth play in our lives? The things that just are, for example in nature, the sun shines, it rains, day becomes night, night becomes day; these are things that happen that we take for granted. We do not feel we […]