• Is your business being stalled by conflicts?

    Are you a business leader struggling to deal with clashes in the relationships of your executive team and unable to build consensus, or a cohesive direction?

    We bring your team together for honest conversations to develop deeper insights, vision and strategy; through organisational audits, reviewing and agreeing accountabilities, rhythm and action plans, we help you solve the real issues at the heart of your executive team and expedite your way forward.

    “The Corporate Alchemy programme has been of great benefit to our company.”

    Bruno Miglio, CEO, FMDC Limited

  • Are you struggling to upscale your business?

    You have a clear strategy, but are unclear on how to upscale your business. How do you engage people in your mission and keep morale and motivation high when difficulties arise?

    We reveal the strengths available in your team, build accountabilities, trust and motivation through our talent development workshops. We help you communicate your purpose, principles and mission, to create cultures that engage your people, build trust, cause flow and fast growth to deliver your company’s value to clients.

    “We are more than pleased. The results exceeded our expectations…
    I’d estimate we’ve benefited from a ten times return on our investment overall.”

    Practise Leader, Arup, London
    Bruno Miglio, CEO, FMDC Limited

  • Are you at a cross roads in your career?

    Are you mid-career, suffering self doubt, lost confidence and uncertain about what to do next? Worrying about whether to go for promotion or look outside for a new role?

    We deepen your awareness of your innate talents and strengths and the unique value you deliver. You come to know clearly what to stop doing and what to focus on for greater success, flow and enjoyment. Our career coaching provides clarity and support whilst you go for promotion or a new role.

    “Your insightful comments and probing questions .. have undoubtedly helped me to develop a much stronger understanding of my personal values, attitudes, strengths and preferences .. this has led to me adopting goals and strategies for increasing my sense of fulfilment not just with work, but life in general.”

    Simon Morgan, Director, City & Guilds

  • How do you attract and retain Talent?

    Is your business experiencing difficulty in attracting and retaining the quality of talented people that you need to grow? Uncertain of what needs to change to change this?

    We grow your people through experiential talent development programmes that expedite skills growth and deliver confident, committed and engaged people with principled thinking, increased productivity and performance. We help build enlightened cultures that empower people that commit long-term to you.

    “Penny provided Executive Coaching services for me in my learning roles at Unilever and at The Body Shop. She successfully supported high potential middle and senior management marketing profiles.”
    Kevin Hitchmough, AVP Learning for Development, L’Oreal USA


Increasing your people’s performance with trusted executive coaching and training

We work with senior executives, partners and managers of publicly listed companies and professional services firms, to hone their people, leadership and management skills. We provide leading edge learning and development programmes that help them grow their capability, their self awareness and their emotional intelligence in order to deliver increased performance at all levels.

Highly skilled managers and leaders expedited by promotion to higher levels of management may lack of self-awareness and ability to motivate others to deliver good performance. Called to act in situations beyond their previous experience and to grow the value of their organisation through the performance of others, rather than their own work, they need help to adapt. We help by recognising their problems and crafting programmes embedded with our unique strategies and tools to deliver principled thinking, increased capability and strong leadership skills.

Our client’s testimonials applaud immediate positive results and commend the extraordinary returns on their investments with us.

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