Setting the Tone
At the beginning of anything, it’s important to set the tone. Or if you’re an intuitive person, to recognise the tone of what is inherently available in the thing you are about to begin. And the year 2019 is now beginning. To me, it feels like it’s going to be a good year! So, to set the tone for a very good year, let’s determine the mindset to make it happen.

Now before my readers start thinking ‘she’s lost it now – this is really woo-woo’ I’d like to suggest that setting positive expectations is the right way to start all things. As humans, we are incredible creators – and ultimately, we are co-creators of our reality – just look around at the things around you. If you haven’t personally made all the books, pens, computer screens, furniture, pictures around you, you were responsible for putting them there, or putting yourself amongst them. It is so important to take personal responsibility for the reality we exist in and determine that things are either at their best or they could be bettered by taking responsibility for what we choose and take action on.

So as 2019 year begins, rather than offer guidance on setting goals – they’re all over social media at this time – here are some mindset positions that will help make a good year – even better!

Value what is
The year 2019 begins, but not without everything that went before –  the goals you set and achieved last year, the gifts and benefits that life has delivered to you already, the contributions you gave to your community, at work and elsewhere, the value you made to other people’s lives and the relationships that ongoingly enrich your life.

Don’t forget and let go of the riches that are your platform for this year. Life is an expanding, enrichening experience and the hard graft that we all go through is the price we pay for those rewards – so do spend time valuing them when you have them. We might call this mindset being grateful and having a gratitude journal in which you write 5 things every day that you are grateful for, can be an action point that helps set this mindset for the whole forthcoming year.

Set Positive Intentions
Intend to make things right, or better. Spend very little time talking about what is wrong, doesn’t work or should be different. What you determine to make happen will happen if you fully intend it and take actions towards it. Doubts, anxieties or worries about what may or may not occur when setting an intention takes energy out of you and weakens your resolve to take appropriate action.

As Gary Zukov explains, intentions are “engines. They get you from one place to another.” He also says that you can see what your intentions are by looking at what is happening around you, because it is your previous intentions that have created everything that you are now experiencing. So if you’re unhappy about any of the things around you – just set different and better intentions.

Be mindful about your Time
Like many people you may be looking back at last year and saying ‘where did it go?’ Time moves fast when you’re not paying attention. Or rather when your focus is doing things and don’t take time to reflect and be in the Now. Plato wrote ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’ and in my experience, ensuring you have time every day and every week to slow down, become present to your own life and experience by being in the now is vital for mental and emotional balance. Mental health and physical well-being is vital to being able to enjoy life. Happiness is an entitlement that we should all be asking for.

And it begins with recognising that time is a valuable commodity – it is the constituency of your life and what you choose to do in your time is your responsibility. We all sometimes have to do things we don’t enjoy doing, but it should certainly not be the majority of your time. Enjoyment of what you do in your time is an anchor for sanity and seeking to do more and more of what you love leads to a life of flow in excellence.

If you’d like some additional help to get more inside this mindset, read Ekhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ which facilitates a far more profound research into personal presence and the value of being in the now. He points out that reality is never in our thoughts of yesterday or in our projections of tomorrow – the power of life is in the now of each moment that you are living. The depth and profundity of life can be accessed only by our focus and presence and skipping through our life only ‘doing’ is to miss it.


So l hope 2019 is a brilliant year for you. Please let me know how you have developed within it. Let us share the results!

Penny Sophocleous

8 January 2019