About Us

Helping you to achieve your goals

Our Mission is to increase confidence, raise the capability and release the innate talents and strengths of all business people, creating greater effectiveness, productivity and enjoyment in their life and work. We deliver strengths based  learning opportunities hat catalyse positive reactions in self development, facilitate change,  and liberate the innate talents and potential in individuals and teams.

Since the launch of our company in 1999, we have worked with 71 organisations, 30 of whom have been large multi-national corporates, 15 professional partnerships  and several charities.
We have delivered measurable results to with many thousands of our individual clients, who have seen a return on their investment of over 1000%  as well as a range of other benefits.

Our work draws on Alchemy, meaning to transmute or transform from a lesser into a higher state and reflects the personal development journey made by the individuals with whom we work. Although our  focus  is on  individuals we truly recognise that it is an organisation’s people who constructively create and transform  their organisation, hence our identifying motto ‘Working with individuals : Transforming organisations’.

Our Team

Penny Sophocleous BA, FRSA, PCC
Chief Executive and Executive Coach

Chief Executive and Executive Coach Penny enjoys working with leaders and senior managers to increase their capability and grow their confidence. She works with senior leaders in career transition, to improve their people skills, and build trusting relationships and achieve greater self-awareness and break-through perceptions.Clients say that they are motivated and energised to take prompt actions as a result of Penny’s work with them. Penny is empathic, supportive and occasionally very challenging! She is deeply interested in personal development and has worked as an executive coach for over 10 years, having achieved accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and a Fellowship with the ILM. Her corporate experience includes directorship with Chase Investment Bank, and senior management experience in City financial institutions including London Stock Exchange, Chase Manhattan and First Interstate Bank.

William Wallace
Senior Business Coach and Learning & Development Manager

Senior Business Coach and Learning & development manager William’s coaching style is collaborative, supportive, honest and respectful. He is an accomplished empathic listener, assisting clients by posing probing, stretching questions; often opening new doors of learning and perception in allowing clients to ‘self discover’ their own solutions. William has coached senior executives in multinational organisations and partners, senior managers and professional associates in large professional services firms. He has helped executives improve their communication skills to increase their personal impact and effectiveness; develop managerial competencies and leadership of high performance teams. An additional expertise is helping clients manage high stress and pressure. William’s business background encompassed 16 years of managing high profile, large budget projects in the oil and gas industry for Caltex, Unocal, BHP and New Zealand Steel whilst managing teams of up to 80 professionals.

Anne Snow
Executive Coach and Business Consultant

Anne helps partners in law firms, board members, in-house legal, leaders and high potential managers in professional practices and multinationals reach their strategic goals and managing complex and sensitive organisational change. She is highly skilled and experienced at working with very senior people and environments where confidentiality and discretion are critical. She is empathetic yet very pragmatic and challenging when the occasion requires it. This works well in fast moving environments where enhanced performance is important. She has delivered improved business development performance with top teams and individuals across a wide range of industries, sectors and cultures. Her work experience at senior levels in multinationals and on a main board has helped her appreciate the dynamics and challenges that our clients face and can provide trustworthy counsel. Her work in the consultancy arena focuses on the change integration of major M&A activities where she has extensive experience and she coaches senior leaders through restructuring, mergers and acquisition. Anne runs our Swiss office, based in Lausanne, Switzerland and handles many of our European assignments.

Carolyn Clarke
Psychometrics Assessment Consultant and Trainer

Carolyn has over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources, line management, training for leadership and management development. A graduate and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, she has specialised in the assessment and development of professional and managerial personnel within the Public and Private sectors. Trained by one of the UK’s leading Occupational Psychologists and approved by the British Psychological Society, she is licensed to administer and interpret most reputable personality questionnaires as well as a range of Aptitude and Ability tests. In the training area Carolyn specializes in developing bespoke training interventions to suit clients’ objectives. These focus on the behavioural and interpersonal aspects of management development, such as leadership skills, performance improvement, motivation and team collaboration.

James Butler
Executive and Business Coach

James’ passion is that life is meant to be enjoyed – and that we can achieve that by doing more of what we love and less of what we don’t. A natural tendency to see potential in anyone and an unquenchable optimism are blended with warmth and humour to create a trusting, supportive environment for his clients. James has been coaching for 5 years with senior managers in large corporate organisations and small business owners. He specialises on new business and product development; creating the strategic vision and subsequent planning and action taking; team building to create the winning team, succession planning and stakeholder management. Prior to coaching, James built a successful career in the environmental sector, working first in consultancy and then managing a business on behalf of a leading waste company. He was a recognised national expert in his field, building a very profitable business – growing several hundred percent in his time there.

Shirley Huntingdon BA
Learning & Development Consultant and Trainer

Shirley Huntington is a holder of the Full Level B Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing with the British Psychological Society. She assists organisations to improve their performance by using psychometric tools for recruitment and selection, personal development, team Building and career counselling. She is one of the few recognised by them as competent to give advice, guidance and supervision to others in the use of tests. With over 17 years of experience in the use of psychometrics within industry, she is skilled in choosing tests and setting up systems and procedures for their fair and ethical use in a variety of situations and for different applications. Her clients have spanned the public sector, pharmaceutical, charitable and financial services organisations. She has held a number of senior positions in learning and development and been involved in many significant change programmes. She is one of our key trainers.

Peter Kleyn
Business Coach

A highly self-motivated, creative and successful company director, Peter established a strong reputation for his expertise in sales, marketing and senior management gained in the IT and business-to-business services industries. Peter’s business coaching specialisation is working with senior sales and marketing personnel and CEO’s of small to medium sized companies. He also coaches senior managers who are undertaking career transitions and those executives searching for alternative directions when headed towards their retirement phase. Peter’s corporate background was mainly in senior management in sales and marketing in the IT industry. For the last fifteen years he has been involved with training in the areas of management, sales and communications improvement and psychometric assessment tools. He qualified as a Business Coach through an 18 month course delivered by Corporate CoachU.