A Promotion of Honesty in Business   “The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty”    (Zig Ziglar …. American author, salesman, and motivational speaker, 1926 – 2012)   “Promoting Honesty in business” is our second in a series of articles, focusing upon the eminent, significant, outstanding and […]

A Tale of Respect from the ‘behavioural coal-face’

  “Respect yourself and others will respect you.” (saying of Confucius)   Having completed an evaluation for the trends of the most common areas or issues approached in development programmes, I’ve assayed that the highest percentage of issues encountered in the workplace, are in the areas of Interpersonal Dealings, including the focus upon – (a) […]

Leadership In Crisis

There have been many comments through the media on the quality of leadership that we’ve experienced through the corona virus crisis. Much has been made of the difference between male and female leadership of nations and the differences that these have led to, in terms of number of cases, deaths and the economy. It has […]

Changing Leaders

  We’ve written about leading people through change before – just not the amount of change that all of us are facing as a result of the Covid19 crisis. ‘Unprecedented’ is the word that everyone is using to describe our reaction to the amount of change its necessitated for us to respond to challenges its […]

Resilience – we need it!

As the instruction for each of us to stay at home (if we’re not one of the key workers that is keeping the NHS and vital services going) the prospect of ongoing long-term lockdown has the capacity to overwhelm our thinking. So today, I’m examining what levels of resilience and courage it’s going to take […]

Uniting Silos

  Many of our clients encounter difficulties communicating and building accountability across geographical or functional silos. Often they might think that the solution is a purely mechanical one of improving regularity of communications, tightening role descriptions, clarifying products and plans etc. These are necessary but seldom sufficient! So often we ask them to reconsider the […]

Listen Up!

  Do you think you’re a good listener? We have a questionnaire below to help you assess how good you are. If you’re not sure, read on! The price of poor listening Millions of pounds are lost every day in companies simply because of poor listening. In your organisation it may be only thousands, or […]

What’s your Purpose?

  Once in a while, in a one to one conversation, I’m asked, or I ask a person what their personal purpose is? This is often because our conversation is around the job or role they’re doing, that they may not be enjoying. Sometimes, the person will react with horror, as their personal purpose isn’t […]

New Year Health Resolutions

For the first time ever, Christmas came and two of my close family members were in hospital. It made the holiday period fraught with anxiety and concern. On my visits to the hospitals I became aware that I was sharing the experience with many others, whose family members were also there. We exchanged nods and […]

A New Look At Performance Management

We were recently consulted by the owners of a fast-growing engineering company to help them re-think their performance management and appraisal systems. They had an annual appraisal process in place for reviewing the performance of their people and felt that it couldn’t capture the quality and improvement that was able to be implemented by their […]