Towards the end of his career, the world-renowned management thinker Peter F. Drucker identified the next frontier as ‘self-management’. He argued that the rise of individual longevity and the decline of job security (and as we’ve seen, the gig economy) individuals would have to think hard about where their strengths lie, what they can […]

Dysfunctions in teams and how to correct them

  In always aiming higher and attempting to create high performing teams, certain dysfunctions can creep in, that then lead to behaviours that set others off into negative or losing behaviour.   What’s Wrong? One particular dysfunction is the practise of always identifying what is wrong or not quite right. Normally this begins because every leader wants […]

Management versus Leadership

  Brief Overview Much modern business theory now focuses upon ‘hair-splitting’ distinctions between the roles, responsibilities, skills and capabilities of management and leadership in the business context. These theoretical specifications can often cloud the fact that a successful business needs both strong, innovative and visionary leadership and also diligent, effective managers. For the company to […]

Unlocking Genius

  Secretly, each person knows that they are a multi-talented, multi-layered being, with depths of sensitivity, awareness and comprehension, creativity and capabilities that few others have seen or comprehend. Even themselves – they are rarely aware which specific talents and skills lie dormant in them – untapped and un-released. So often, these talents are rarely […]

2019 – A Good Year

  Setting the Tone At the beginning of anything, it’s important to set the tone. Or if you’re an intuitive person, to recognise the tone of what is inherently available in the thing you are about to begin. And the year 2019 is now beginning. To me, it feels like it’s going to be a […]

Empowering People’s Talents

Who in leadership has not wondered what it would take for each person working for them to perform at their best with effortless ease? Why does leading people seem, sometimes, to be so hard? Most leaders are confronted with the dilemma of how to empower those around them to perform at their best?  They are […]

Create A Respectful Workplace

  Ask anyone in your workplace what treatment they want from their bosses and co-workers and they will likely top their list with the desire for their employer and coworkers to treat them with dignity and respect. It seems that everybody needs to feel respected in their workplace. So how is a respectful workplace created? […]

Why Partnerships?

  ‘Partnership’ in the business context is a strategy for using collaborative working relationships between people and groups of individuals, to assist in achieving the organisation’s vision and business objectives.   What is a strategy? A strategy is about identifying the direction in which to go.  Strategies work best when they are aligned with the […]

Communicating with Power

  Our work environments can be either a place where people communicate respectfully and with grace, or they communicate with crankiness and stress. Sometimes we might experience one, and sometimes the other. We all know which we would prefer to experience. And of course, we would all prefer if the standards of behaviour and communication […]

Diversity Matters

  Diversity issues relate to many areas – age, gender, race, culture, religion, disabilities and sexual orientation. Such differences are prominent, observable and the most controversial in the workplace. However, diversity is much more expansive, and impacts the relationships between people at all sorts of levels in an organisation. It can cover diversity of education, […]