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Doing the right thing for people, as well as for organisations.
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Over the last 400 years, corporations and the people who lead them seem to have gradually forgotten that the ‘value to shareholders’ they are all ruthlessly chasing is actually delivered by human beings, for human beings and within communities of human beings – each and every one of whom are coded to operate with Truth, Respect, Trust, Justice and Integrity.

Penny Sophocleous highlights how to utilise the principles coded into the DNA of people that generate laws and rules common to all and which organisations ignore at their peril. The economic crisis and its far ranging negative impacts are a warning that the current business code makes corporations sick by their focus on only the bottom line.

The book challenges leaders to realign their teams, their organisational structures, their suppliers and their relationships to the world in order to unleash peoples’ innate creativity, innovation and talent. Sustainable success into the future will rely upon these principles being understood and promoted by enlightened leaders.  Leaders gain access to many questionnaires to help them get clear on the ethics and standards they need to create principle centred organisations, along with the processes and activities to embed for sustainable success. Case studies of several principle centred organisations provide real-world success stories and a wealth of best practise detail, that leaders will find extremely useful.

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The Humanity Principles

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The Enlightened Leaders Circle is a programme that enables leaders to join together to examine the ethics, principles and standards they promote into their organisation, to realign their focus to take account of peoples need for meaningful work where they are respected, trusted and treated fairly. Using the Humanity Principles model detailed in the book “Enlightened Leaders”they are facilitated by Penny Sophocleous through a proven process to build Principle Centred organisations.
The purpose of the Circle is to effect positive changes in yourself and your organisation:

  • To get leaders clear on the ethics, principles and values they adhere to and the ethical and moral leadership they provide to their organisation
  • To understand the Humanity Principles Model and how to use the tools to effect better decision making and create innovative solutions previously unreachable
  • To make their own personal development journey, integrating the Principles into themselves and then, into the processes of their work
  • To examine how their business currently thinks and behaves around such principles and identify what changes may be needed
  • To learn from other Circle members and their challenges, collaborating to determine innovative solutions that will upgrade their organisation’s specific challenges.
Who may participate

If you are a leader of a national or international organisation with responsibility for a business unit, director of medium sized or of FTSE listed companies, or partner of professional services firms who wishes to make a meaningful difference to your organisation, then you may apply to participate. Each Circle will have representatives of organisations from different sectors, so will not be competitors, to ensure that you can speak freely and share experiences without confidentiality conflicts.
A range of unique tools, assessments and questionnaires will be made available to participants.
The Outcomes expected of the Enlightened Leaders Circle

  • You will grow as an individual through broadening your self-awareness and be able to bring your whole self to your leadership work
  • You will be nourished with ethical, value based thinking that recognises people’s humanity and draws from them their very best contribution.
  • You will learn how to empower and unleash the creativity and innovation of people
  • You will become more empowered, more able to act in accordance with your ethics, principles and values and make a difference by ripple or direct effect into your team and organisation.
  • You will support improvements to the health and well-being of the people and environment of your organisation and also to businesses with whom you interact.
  • You will make friends and peer relationships across companies and sectors different from your own.
Practical Details

A new circle begins on 1 April 2016. This circle will be a carefully curated community with similar values and shared mission. It will involve a commitment of two hours per month meeting together in a group for a period of six months.
The programme is run by Penny Sophocleous, Managing Director of Corporate Alchemy and author of “Enlightened Leaders, Reintroducing human principles into business”. Penny has 17 years experience of working with senior executives and a track record of helping them make tangible and meaningful differences to themselves and their organisation.
If you’re interested to be invited to participate, or to know more, apply here: