360 Feedback

In our experience, our clients have three main reasons why they are drawn to use 360 degree assessments:

  • To provide credible feedback which will act as a trigger for behaviour change / personal development
  • To identify development needs prior to a leadership development programme
  • To evaluate progress; either individually following a personal development programme, or organisationally as part of a culture change initiative.

What is a 360 Degree Assessment?

360 Degree Feedback is designed to provide specific and structured feedback on an individual’s performance.

It allows them to compare their own perception of their performance at work with the perception of those who work with them. This provides the individual with a broad and rich source of feedback that can be of enormous help to them when considering their particular strengths and possible development needs. This offers an excellent starting point for both personal and career development objectives.

Why a 360 Degree Assessment?

  • Helps the company to prepare for the future by developing the competencies necessary to achieve its strategic intent and mission.
  • Helps to create an environment where everyone can grow and develop.
  • Underpins corporate performance management processes.
  • Provides validated data to support individual objective setting.
  • Supports succession and talent management processes.
  • Is a powerful personal development tool in its own right.

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