Executive Coaching

Developing valuable people

Our coaching programmes have proven highly effective  for individuals who;

  • Are transitioning towards promotion or taking on a different or more responsible roles in the organisation, helping them acquire confidence and deeper self awareness.
  • Need to tone down aggressive or domineering behaviour patterns and acquire emotional intelligence for  better people skills.
  • Need to win new business, acquire better networking skills, marketing and entrepreneurial competencies.
  • Need to improve their communication skills, increase their personal profile and personal presence and learn strategic influencing skills in order to have greater  impact with clients, peers and senior leaders.
  • Wish to enhance their management skills,  better motivate their team and  become stronger leaders and need tools to manage change with enthusiasm, comfort and  greater effectiveness, using enhanced creative thinking and decision-making.
  • Are CEO, Executive directors or managing partners, to have a confidential, expert, trusted advisor and external sounding board with whom to discuss,  clarify and decide on strategic, confidential matters.
Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching programmes foster powerful shifts in self-awareness, increasing levels of confidence, improved attitudes and behaviour that inspire others, unleashing  the leadership capability of individuals. Executives’ personal productivity and effectiveness are improved when objectives are proactively agreed and pursued. In a collaborative coaching relationship they set better goals, take more action, quicker, handle stress better, and more fully develop their natural abilities.

When successful, such leaders provide a role-model for development of others. We promote empowerment of the individual by believing them highly capable, resourceful and creative and helping them promote the same attitudes to their staff, creating positive working environments, happy employees that raise employee retention.

Results we have achieved
  • Increased sales via marketing and sales team created 12,000 per cent over the cost of  the six month coaching investment.
  • Estimated ROI for business leader by increasing new business was 1250% of the initial investment made.
  • Managing Partner assessed their ability to communicate, coach and manage effectively those who worked for them to have improved by 40% as a result of coaching.
  • A senior partner increased their productivity by 100% through better personal organisation and time management.
  • A senior solicitor improved her negotiation and marketing skills by 100% and her revenues by 30%.
  • The revenue of a senior partner’s legal practise across his whole group improved by 5% as a result of coaching. This was a factor of more than 10 times the investment of the coaching programme.

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