Why use Consulting?

Our work in the development field gives us an in-depth understanding of the business issues being faced by the people with whom we work. These relationships often lead to consulting assignments in a wide range of business contexts.

Our objective is to work closely alongside our client’s management teams and leadership, continually transferring our knowledge and skills and helping them release their peoples’ ability to effectively respond to today’s challenges.

The results of our consulting assignments help our clients get more done with less, perform better, increase revenue, and enable changes to be made that facilitate improved working and productivity.

What we do, includes –

We facilitate Team working, Communication at Board or Partner level, Conflict Resolution issues

We have facilitated

  • management boards to decide new strategies and change processes in organisational development
  • discussions amongst leaders and their teams undertaking a SWOT analysis of new opportunities
  • previously ‘siloed’ departments to collaboratively formulate a new marketing and sales strategy, that resulted in dramatically increased sales and income revenue
  • work with teams on team development, conflict and communication issues.

Implementing a Coaching Culture

We have worked with clients to implement a coaching culture within their organisations. At different times, this has involved coaching skills training for management teams, client and employee surveys, bespoke development programmes and one-to-one coaching of senior leaders. We work collaboratively with the organisation to create the specification of projects and allocate internal and external resources.

Bespoke Surveys

We design questionnaires and interviews, conduct the surveys, analyse data and then evaluate the survey results to provide reports and recommendations. Bespoke surveys for:

  • Staff
  • Customers’ satisfaction
  • Clients’ needs and requirements
  • Progress of change initiatives
  • Staff or management performance issues.

The survey methods include interviews, paper and / or on-line internet-basedquestionnaires.

Client comment – “Your support was invaluable – your most significant contribution was to bring the executive team together. Your membership during this process allowed for the most frank, honest and open discussions that I have ever had the pleasure of having.”(CEO, technology company, Cambridge)