Leadership and Development

Leading for success

How do you develop leaders?

Many of our Clients have discussed this question with us and one recurring issue frequently arises:-

Once someone has reached a senior organisational level, the behaviors they have used to get there have been reinforced over and over again by promotions and past success – so why should they change anything?

It’s a fair question and we start by examining what would make progressive change more appealing than staying the same? In response, we have ‘Moments Of Truth’ sessions, where we encourage participants to analyse the effects of their existing approach on their own desired goals.

We encourage participants to identify those ‘moments of truth’ for themselves, where, despite the gilt-edged vision statements about values and behaviours, their response to a situation has created a hard-to-resist, unwritten rule about the behaviours that are encouraged in the business. It provides a useful anchor point during the rest of the programme when participants progress to learn new and better behaviours.

The emotionally intelligent leader

Based upon Daniel Goleman’s ground breaking research work on capable leadership and leaders “The Emotionally Intelligent Leader” programme focuses on EI and how the competencies of emotional intelligence are more important for leaders the higher they rise in an organisation. Using the ECI we assess leaders’ EI compentencies, comparing them against objective benchmarks and an established ‘algorithym of success’. Leaders identify key personal development objectives for their personal growth.

It is EI competencies that leaders use to inspire organisations to greatness, that sales-people use to build strong and profitable customer relationships, and that employees who deal with customers every day, use to delight customers.

Performance management and appraisal skills

In many leading organisations the role of the Manager is increasingly being redesigned into that of a ‘Performance Coach’. The skills of developing, inspiring and maximising the performance of your people are therefore key competencies.

We encourage Managers to explore how the skills they may have used once a year at appraisal time can be transformed into invaluable day-to-day tools for increasing performance.

We explore and practise the value of feedback, fostering its motivational potential and develop ways of communicating a sense of purpose to engage the discretionary efforts of our people.

Other available training programmes:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Team Building
  • Increasing Capabilities without stress – The Ten Actors™
  • Increasing Leadership Capabilities – Two-You’s & Qualities Development™
  • Strategic Influencing
  • Partnership Building

Bespoke development solutions

If you have business issues, performance concerns and/or specific participant needs, we can create the programme that will materially improve the human capital of your organisation. Within a collaborative diagnostic meeting, we can discuss your objectives and agree the specific content or experiential process that would be needed. We also consider and agree with you, the measures of how you would evaluate the intervention, to gauge the value it has added to your business.

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