Why use Psychometric, ECI, 360° and other assessments?

The value of using psychometric assessments

Whether it is retaining and making the most of your existing staff’s talents, improving communication and productivity of teams, or providing insight and reducing risk of new hiring decisions, psychometric tools are invaluable. They are used in a variety of different client assignments, to enhance the benefits received by our clients, within the executive coaching, consulting and training process.

Services overview

There are many psychometric tools from which to choose and it is important that the instrument chosen is the right one to assess the areas of need. This is why we work with our clients to ensure that we are clear about exactly what is to be measured and how the material will be used.

Our services include –

  • Psychometric Assessments for both individuals and teams including Personality Assessments, Motivation Questionnaires, Aptitude or Ability Tests and Interest Inventories. Also included are additional assessments and interpretations under the cover of ‘full-level-B’ British Psychological Society certification
  • ECI (Emotional Competence Inventory) – a multirater assessment of Emotional Intelligence for leadership development
  • 360° Assessments – multirater assessments for individuals, teams, departments and groups
  • Communication Skills and Communication Style Assessments
  • Learning Styles Assessments

At Corporate Alchemy, we have an extensive and specialist range of tools that can be applied within these specific contexts, and our consultants are fully qualified to execute, feedback and coach those taking the assessments. Also, we give advice, guidance and supervise others in the use of the assessment questionnaires.

Application and benefits

Psychometric assessments can assist your organisation in the following areas –

  • For the identification of Personal Development needs of individuals – including for coaching and training interventions, which ensures that appropriate objective are set at the outset and success can be measured
  • In Recruitment and Selection – provides insight and reduces risk
  • For Team formation and building – improves communication, productivity and can be used as a catalyst for enhancing personal and team performance.
  • Career Counselling – strengthens personal career management.

Now that you have seen the range of our services, you might like to review how they have been used to benefit our clients in a range of Case Studies.

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