Recommended Books Part 2

Great research on what motivates people – and it’s not money! Pink provides some innovative insights on the depth of people’s value for their time and life. Perfect for HR leaders responsible for motivating staff and organisational develoopment.

The breakthrough thinking that first introduced the concept of ‘broken windows’ as a mode of correcting small problems in order to make big changes.

This book carries real life case studies and stories from leaders – those who’ve succeeded as well as those who have failed, highlighting the presence or absence of emotional intelligence as the deciding factor in the psychological makeup for that failure or success.

The handbook for all entrepreneurs wanting to grow their small business to a large one.

This is perfect for leaders who need to build strong teams. Team leaders who need to craft solutions for the difficulties and problems they’re encountering in their teams.

Still the most concise and most effective guidance on managing staff. What a manager should and shouldn’t do and the boundaries to institute in order to build competence.