Recommended Books Part 1

In the context of delivering our various programmes, we recommend books to complement the new learning and insights that we have delivered to our participants. These are some we have recommended as they serve to broaden the wisdom, learning and reference.

Practical and valuable insights for all people in the workplace, about the top 32 key strengths of each individual’s mindset. With access to unique code, enabling them to undertake the Online assessment and get a report on their own top 5 strengths.

This is the first Strengthsfinder assessment, developed by Donald Clifton in association with the Gallup Organisation and the accompanying book, identifying the talents of individuals. Valuable for all leaders interested to understand and to develop the people they manage.

Building on Discover your strengths, Buckingham outlines six steps to improve personal performance. This is ideal for leaders and managers who take seriously the business of developing those who they employ. Learn how to truly apply their greatest strengths at work, and turbo-charge their career potential.

This is for all managers who want a new perspective on management – likely to appeal to all thought leaders and anyone open to innovative insights for matching people to tasks in a business.

Based on the Gallup organisations research on what creates sustained individual success, Buckingham reveals that to focus on what you do best is the way to personal progress and ultimate success.

The first, best handbook on Trust. The author makes the economic case for trust in delivering financial benefits, as well as offering a detailed analysis for personal, team and organisational trust.