Igniting Talent


Some of the most important judgments you might make relate to your own capabilities. By better knowing yourself, your capabilities and the capabilities of those around you, you will be better able to decide on calls on your time and when and who to delegate to. By understanding your talents and those of your team you can not only increase productivity but can make the work place a better environment.

One of the tools we use to discover our clients strengths and styles of leadership, is the Talent Dynamics personality profiling system. The system provides an effective method of examining how to get the best use of your own and the skills of others.

The Talent Dynamics model provides a unique perspective on the human being and their work environment, by identifying the kind of activities that create the most trust and flow in individuals, teams and organisations. Teams, that together go through the process of taking the profile test and accessing the reports generated, consistently praise the process. The accompanying Business Development Pathway programmes are praised for building improved harmony,  creating a sense of shared responsibility, developed an agreed-by group mind-set and an improved positive ‘what else can we do’ attitude that welcomes change.

The Talent Dynamics model also provides significant insights into gaps in the team’s makeup and clear guidance on how to close the gap through precise recruitment or for who should be chosen for further training in those skills. Businesses that have leveraged the Talent Dynamics business development tools learn to play to their staff strengths and have seen performances improve by as much as eighty percent.