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Support for new Country Manager in Pharmaceutical Organisation

A senior executive in a global pharmaceutical organisation was being promoted to be the Country Manager of an Eastern European country. She had no previous experience at Country Manager level and felt vulnerable and unsure of her ability to handle the challenge of managing over 80 people, two business units and the responsibility of the sales and marketing, medical and finance departments. She admitted her anxieties to the Global HR Manager who contacted us to provide one-to-one support for her.

One of our executive coaches worked with her over a period of 6 months visiting with her monthly and providing additional telephone and email support. The client faced pressures from the government of the country bringing in new policies, and the need to quickly change the internal structure of the organisation to meet new challenges. In each of the coaching sessions, various issues and options for actions were explored. The client was supported and challenged to draw out the very best ways of gaining employee buy-in and commitment to the changes planned and delivered.

Execution of action plans were reviewed, and learning from experience validated and logged for future reference and usage. The client soon came to see how valuable coaching skills were for the enhancement of her leadership skills and she learnt how to use a coach approach in managing her direct reports. She also attended our ‘Coaching Clinic’  to acquire more in-depth coaching skills.

The net results were that the Country Manager soon felt extremely capable, competent and confident in her abilities to ask for and win commitment from her staff to the changes she wanted to initiate. The changes she made in the organisation resulted in some spectacular sales improvements, and she ascribed an increased Euro 2 million sales win of the organisation, directly due to the coaching work she had done.She was so impressed with the results from the coaching process, she recommended it to her senior manager at Head office for inclusion in the official development programme for all new Managing Directors.

“The results of our 6 month’s sessions were much bigger than the expectations existing previously.”
Lara Bezerra-Koenenkamp, Country Manager, Pharma Bayer Hungaria Kft

Increasing the personal profile and influence of senior professional

A senior professional had been with his new organisation for 12 months and had not won any new business. Though technically very competent in his work, he had failed to impress his boss and team with his personal presence. The objectives of the coaching assignment were to help him improve his assertiveness, raise his personal profile internally and externally to the firm, and help him win new clients.

Whilst working with one of our executive coaches for six months, his confidence and assertiveness improved, along with his communication with his boss and team, becoming a more assertive and vociferous member of the team. He regularly attended more networking groups and established a number of significant new relationships who helped him win 10 new clients, delivering £60,000 of new business within the next 6 months.

The ROI to the firm was 12 times its investment!

“I am continuing to generate new business by getting in personal recommendations and I would say that our time together really helped me focus on getting in new clients and of course in retaining the existing ones!” 
Senior lawyer, leading regional law firm

Strengthening managerial skills and increasing productivity of law firm

A leading regional law firm had conducted their first upwards review by non-partner members, of the performance of the partnership as a whole and of individual partners.They were unhappy about some of the feedback they received from their staff, as it was, in some individual cases, fairly negative. The feedback highlighted some partners demonstration of poor people skills, with others scoring low on personal organisation and time management. Credit to them that they took this on board, and wanted to do something about it! The managing partner and HR director consulted with us, and a coaching programme was initiated. As many of the partners as wished to, were invited to work in a one-to-one coaching relationship to address their specific development needs.

The issues tackled included poor time management and organisational skills, low EQ interpersonal style, stress and work-life imbalance, and inadequate marketing skills. We worked with eight of the partners over a period of four months, and they all reported significant improvements in the areas worked on.

We conducted a survey six months after completion of the programme to measure exactly by how much their performance had changed, and it showed an improvement in productivity of 33% across the board, as well as scores of 60% improvement in the various skill-sets. Real bottom-line improvements to personal and team revenues were also acknowledged. 360o partner appraisals conducted in the second year, reflected much better feedback for all the partners who had undergone the coaching.

“There is no doubt that the partnership has made a significant improvement over the year and I am certain that your contribution to this has been significant.”
Managing partner, leading regional law firm.

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