Our Approach

Management development for professionals


We build long-term relationships with our corporate clients, developing high levels of trust by consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. By understanding our clients, their environment and their needs, we can provide a wide range of development opportunities for their leaders and managers. We establish a partnership approach wherein confidentiality, trust and values for an ethical and humane approach to the challenges of 21st century life and work can be handled with ease and humour.

High Standards

We set high standards of behaviour for ourselves and go to great lengths to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Truthfulness, honesty and integrity are our core values. We are committed to life-long learning and personal development and continue to seek contact with leading edge knowledge. We love to learn, and to help others learn and develop to become better and bigger people. We role-model the content we coach and train others around.

Business experience

All our consultants have extensive and varied, business experience in world-class organisations that enable them to relate and empathise with the context, challenges and processes of our clients.They understand the stresses and strains of modern business life and have personally met the challenges with new ways of working. They have excellent communication skills, and have worked at high levels within the corporate and professional services arena and work easily with main-board directors and powerful individuals who expect a high level of intelligence, energy and aptitude with those they deal.


We believe that business should bring value to human life, hence individual and group welfare should not be forgotten or overridden in the process building productivity and success for the organisation. So we have a caring, supportive style that maintains a balance between seriousness and lightness, in order to offset the stressful pressures that beset most businesses today.

Releasing natural genius

We enjoy taking on challenging scenarios, difficult problems and seemingly hopeless circumstances and working through them to develop and execute win-win resolutions. We are compelled to seek for ways that make a positive difference to the people we work with, and in particular, to influence others to break through their own self-made restrictions and release their innate genius.

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