“One-to-one coaching was very helpful. It allowed me to identify the priorities in my new role and develop ideas for implementing actions. It has also helped me achieve better focus on priorities, faster decision making and implementation, focus on areas for self development and use coaching skills to manage relationships better.
 Francis O’Neil, Senior Counsel, The BOC Group plc (now The Linde Group)

“Eight partners were subsequently coached by you in a series of individual sessions on issues pertaining to the individual partner. There is no doubt that the partnership has made a significant improvement over the year and I am certain that your contribution to this has been significant”
Christine Berry, Managing Partner, Taylor Vintners

“The coaching sessions helped me tremendously to understand better myself (my strengths, my weaknesses), to step back from my working environment and ask myself the right questions in order to face difficult situations. … It helped me to have a healthy and objective approach to contentious situations. It also helped me having a more open-minded view on people.” 
Momo Kanayama – Director – Body Shop International

“Your insightful comments and probing questions as we worked through the various self-assessment exercises have undoubtedly helped me to develop a much stronger understanding of my personal values, attitudes, strengths and preferences. Key specific outcomes for me have been increased confidence, better personal organisation and improved communication and influencing skills. Even more importantly this has led to me adopting goals and strategies for increasing my sense of fulfilment not just with work, but life in general.” 
Simon Morgan, former Head of HR, City and Guilds of London

“The positive effect that your coaching has achieved with our managers is visibly and audibly noticeable. Our technically excellent managers can now confidently deliver their advice in a way that both they and our clients benefit from.” 
Gary Ives, Partner, BDO Stoy Hayward LLP

Thank you for all your help this year. It’s truly transforming my working and home life for the better.’ 
Mark King, Group Head, Environment Department, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

“I am a senior Civi Servant at the DWP and direct a staff of over 170 professionals who have a mix of policy and analytical responsibilities… I have found her coaching consistently useful and challenging.  She uses a good mix of techniques and approaches, and she has helped to tackle a number of significant issues and to increase my management repertoire and effectiveness.  Her work with me has contributed importantly to my ability to take on an increasing span of responsibilities… I have no hesitation in recommending her for coaching in a range of public sector roles, especially to managers who relish and feel the need to be challenged.”
Robert Laslett, Director, Pensions Analysis and Stewardship Directorate, Department for Work and Pensions.

“These sessions have enabled me to develop a more powerful leadership style, to see things more clearly from others’ perspectives, and to utilise a wider range of influencing techniques. These have helped me strengthen my relationships with my team, and with my Director, and to identify more efficient and targeted working practices. My relationships across and outside the organisation – which were good before – have grown stronger as a result of the reflection and insights afforded by this coaching opportunity.”
Carole Willis, Head of Cross-cutting Pensions Analysis, Department for Work and Pensions.

“Thank you again for your coaching over the past months. Real self-awareness boosting exercise; invaluable sounding board for ideas/strategies/issues.” 
Paula Holland, Counsel, Shearman & Sterling (London) LLP

“We have covered a lot of ground and your techniques – which were many and varied – always helped me to look at issues from a different perspective and to find solutions which I simply would not have arrived at alone. .. Your intervention definitely helped me to address some important issues and to change my approach to resolve them – to the benefit of me personally and the Department. “
Greg Watkins, Jobcentre Plus

“Throughout what was at times a difficult and uncomfortable experience for me, you were thoroughly professional, supportive, but challenging, scrupulously fair and even-handed and were instrumental in helping me develop my skills, aptitues and attitudes in some very interesting directions. I feel significantly more comfortable with my role and responsibilities than before this experience and you should take full credit for helping me achieve this.”
Henrik Kiertzner, IT Director, Arup

“The basic and main point of the coaching was to support me in taking on the new assignment as Managing Director of the Bayer Pharmaceutical business in Hungary, an organisation of 82 persons. I had no previous experience in Country Management. .. by the end of the coaching sessions, I was completely sure that I could face whatever challenge would come. The results of our 6 months sessions were much bigger than the expectations I’d had at the start.” 
Lara Bezerra-Koenenkamp, Country Manager, Pharma Bayer Hungaria KFT

“Excellent! My confidence has shot up. I no longer have any fears or feel I am carrying any emotional baggage. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to change their daily approach. A must for high achievers and those willing to change!”
Alpa Raja, a former client who achieved her career goal and is now a Partner at Vantis plc.

Training Programme Testimonials:

Coaching skills programme for managers –
“The Coaching Clinic is an excellent programme for awakening self-awareness and allowing people to discover their strengths and preferences. Very supportive and encouraging environment and I will leave with new skills that will be very valuable.”
 Learning and Development Manager, Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft

Presentation Skills

“Just a note to let you know how much improvement we have seen in our presentations after your course; Phil and I gave a joint presentation last Tuesday. Both of us found that we enjoyed preparing and giving it; stress levels were much reduced and we got an excellent audience response. .. This makes a big difference to our professional lives – Thank you for that.”
 Edith Mueller, Director, Arup Façade Engineering

The Ten Actors training programme –
“The Ten Actors training sessions were very full, fast paced, stretching and challenging. It was very enjoyable and a great learning opportunity. I found the action-centred approach very useful when returning to my job. I have since been able to use the Ten Actors method as a real tool for effectively managing pressured situations. Although it does take time to get the hang of the system, it does really work. It’s both a great tool for now and developing in my career.”
Senior manager, multinational chemical manufacturing and processing company

Consulting Testimonial:

“Your support was invaluable – your most significant contribution was to bring the executive team together. Your membership during this process allowed for the most frank, honest and open discussions that I have ever had the pleasure of having.” 
DJ Wade, CEO, CPS Ltd

“We enjoyed working with Corporate Alchemy as they genuinely tried to understand our needs and applied themselves directly yet flexibly to moving us forward.”
 Wayne Mullins, Managing Director, Cube Management Limited

Psychometrics Testimonial:

“The success of the psychometric testing has been exceptional and is now regarded by this company as an essential part of the recruitment / development process” 
HR Manager, UK based Technology Manufacturing Company

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